The shipping movements, cruise ship list, ships in port, ships at anchor are from ABP Southampton (Associated British Ports).  Portsmouth movements are from QHM Portsmouth (Queens Harbour Master) and PIP (Portsmouth international port).

The webcams are from various places and I have no control over their availability. You can have a webcam image and ship position map open at the same time so you can see what ship is passing.

Recent pictures of ships in port and the Solent are provided by John and Ray. John with mostly Southampton vessel and Ray with mostly vessels from Portsmouth.

Please visit the Message Board and leave any news snippets, comments, or information on forthcoming maritime events you might have. Don’t forget that you can post your own news pictures. Also on the Message Board are RSS News Feeds for cruise ships and other general shipping news which is automatically updated several times a day. The message board also has its own RSS feed which you can use with and RSS reader - if you don’t know what this is then look it up on Google. Most readers are free and it will automatically tell you when a new message is posted. You can also get readers for your smartphone.  The feed url is:   - or just click on the RSS icon at the top.

There are two live radio feeds which come from me. They each carry a stereo channel. Feed 1 is Southampton VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) (marine channel 12) on the left and Portsmouth QHM (Queens Harbour Master (marine channel 11) on the right. Feed 2 carries Port Ops and intership channels on the left and Coastguard channels on the right. There is a maximum of 30 listener slots on each feed. If you want to separate out the left and right channels then I suggest you download and install VU Player which has a balance control. You can download it from HERE.  You can also listen to the streams on your smartphone. There are many apps that will play streaming audio, but you can try VLC player for free. I use ‘scanner radio’ for android because it has a balance control. Occasionally there will be breaks in the stream due to my internet connection or my computer crashing - please inform me if there is no radio for a while.

The AIS ship position maps are from either vessel finder or Marine Traffic. I use these because they provide embed code which allows you to view their site on mine. Occasionally they play around at Marine Traffic which results in no ships on my map - please e mail me if there are no ship showing for a while. If you click on a ship on the ‘Cruise Ship Mapper’ you can get the itinerary - there is also other info along the top menu bar.

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